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Home Inspection from A to Z

a to z

Mostly for fun, but also to help answer a question often asked about what is included in a home inspection service, I’ve come up with this little ditty.

A professional home inspection is an objective visual examination of the readily accessible systems and components of a home, from the foundation to the roof. You might say, “from A to Z”. Among other things, the inspector will evaluate

Chimneys, crawl spaces, ceilings and cooling systems,
Doors, decks, downspouts and driveways,
Electrical systems,
Foundations, fireplaces, flashing and floors,
Gutters, grades and grounds,
Heating systems,
Kitchen cabinets and counters,
Laundry facilities,
Main valves and disconnects,
Normal operating controls,
Outdoor components that affect the structure,
Patios, plumbing and porches,
Quality of construction,
Siding, sidewalks and structure,
Unsafe conditions and unfinished spaces,
Windows, walls and wood stoves,
Xmas lights and other lightweight or extension cord wiring,
Y’s” and other plumbing fittings and the,
Zany results of amateur home repairs.

Your Pennsylvania home inspector or your Delaware home inspector will likely offer other ancillary inspection services as well, including termite and wood destroying insect inspections and radon gas testing.  
I hope this is helpful.

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