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When you select knowledgeable, experienced, qualified and helpful professionals to assist you, you take much of the risk and worry out of a real estate transaction.  This is true if you are an experienced buyer or seller, or if this is your first home.

Modern homes are complex systems. Older homes, adapted to modern living, may be even more complex. Did you know that as in most states, Pennsylvania and Delaware laws set a very low standard for home inspectors?

The truth is, it’s easy to become a home inspector. But, it’s not so easy to become a really good home inspector.

To help you make smart decisions when buying a home, you need a really good home inspector, one who is well educated and well qualified – beyond the minimum requirements of the law – one who is working in your best interest.

What distinguishes me?

I am better educated, better qualified and I am a better communicator than many of my competitors.

I’m better educated.

Effectively, Pennsylvania law requires only 16 hours a year of continuing education. Delaware requires only 20. Last year, I reported over 50 hours. That’s more than 50 hours of verifiable, accredited activity. It doesn’t include the countless hours I spend researching and reading on my own.

I’m better qualified.

As a former carpentry contractor, I have hands-on experience in home remodeling and new home construction. I am an ASHI Certified Inspector. ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors is the oldest and most well respected organization of home inspectors in North America.

In addition to these – what I consider to be minimum requirements for someone in my field, I am certified by the International Code Council (the people who develop our building codes) as a Residential Building Inspector, a Residential Mechanical Inspector, a Residential Plumbing Inspector and a Residential Electrical Inspector. Very few PA home inspectors or DE home inspectors can make this claim.

I have also qualified as a Disaster Housing Inspector with the Partnership for Response and Recovery, a contractor for FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

See my resume for details.

I’m a better communicator.

I speak in language that you will find easy to understand and I present my written report in a format and language that is easily understood.

Comparing inspection reports may be the single best method of comparing home inspectors. This written communication is what you’ll be left with long after the inspection is complete. Make sure that the format and the language are easy for you to understand. If an inspector won’t show you a sample of his or her work, find one who will.

I take great pride in “Helping you to know you’re home”.

Service begins with a live voice to answer the phone during business hours and is carried on beyond the inspection with an invitation to my clients to call me “anytime about anything”.

I welcome the opportunity to assist you in your next real estate transaction.

People say nice things.

      “I found Alan to be incredibly professional and he answered my many questions with ease. His inspection was incredibly detailed and his report excellent…Read more about what other clients say about Alan, his experience and credentials.


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