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Inspecting Homes Under Construction

The inspector will check on the progress of the construction.  You may elect to have any or all of the following inspections performed:

  • Footings
  • Foundations
  • Concrete Slab-on-Ground
  • Framing
  • Water Resistive Barrier, Flashing & Drainage (Prior to installation of exterior wall covering)
  • Pre-Drywall / Insulation
  • Pre-Closing Home Inspection
    • Radon Gas Test and other ancillary inspections
  • End-of-Warranty Inspection

With a watchful eye during construction, defects can be identified and corrected before they are hidden from view, thereby eliminating problems that might otherwise not be discovered for years, at a time when repairs would need to be made at your expense rather than by the builder.  

To tailor an inspection program to meet your needs and budget, call Alan or email:

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