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Sample Home Inspection Reports

Looking at sample reports may be the single best method of comparing home inspectors. The report is the work product of the inspector.  This written communication is what you’ll be left with long after the inspection is complete. Make sure that the format and the language are easy for you to understand. If an inspector won’t show you a sample of his or her work, find one who will.

There isn’t a single problem in a house that can’t be fixed – it’s just a question of whether it’s still a good deal and still the house you want if you will have to fix a few or many problems.  View these sample reports for a look at the kinds of issues that we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

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Suburban Townhome Sample Report

View this report for a home with some issues such as an inoperative garage door opener, a very old water heater and a deck with child safety issues.

City Rowhome Sample Report

View this report for an older home with many issues including loose shingles, leaks, worn porch roof and cracked concrete.

New Single-Family Home Sample Report

View this report for a new home in good condition needing a few repairs.

Pre-Drywall Inspection Sample Report

View this report for a home under construction.

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