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What Your Pennsylvania Home Inspection Includes

Get to know your home inside and out.  Your Helpful Home Inspector will spend 2 to 4 hours or more examining the home and its major systems – from the roof to the foundation – and helping you to make decisions with confidence.

Each inspection is guided by the Standard of Practice for Home Inspections and Code of Ethics of the American Society of Home Inspectors® (ASHI), the oldest and most well respected organization of home inspectors in North America.

The inspector invites you to join him and benefit from a step by step educational tour of your home. Your questions are welcomed as he inspects:

  • Grades & grounds
  • Sidewalks & driveways
  • Patios, decks & porches
  • Roof, chimney, flashings, gutters & downspouts
  • Foundation & structure
  • Siding & trim
  • Doors & windows
  • Walls, floors & ceilings
  • Insulation, ventilation & fireplace
  • Heating & central air conditioning
  • Plumbing & electrical systems
  • Attic, basement & crawl space

After the inspection you will receive a written inspection report.

FREE COPY with every home inspectionsmal_cover_htoyh

Pennsylvania Home Inspection Report

Your Helpful Home Inspection Report is not a “one size fits all” checklist report. It is a comprehensive, user-friendly, typewritten narrative describing your home and its systems.

Any material defects found will be described together with the inspector’s recommendations on how to deal with them.

Helpful Hints for the proper care, maintenance and improvement of your home will also be included plus a free copy of the book “How to Operate Your Home”.

Your inspection report is delivered in a sturdy 3-ring binder including:

Coordinating Inspection Services

As a service to our clients, Helpful Home Inspectors, LLC coordinates ancillary inspection services by an independent contractor. Licensed and insured, the firm does testing only. They deliver fast, unbiased test results.

Call 610-565-1366. We will gladly schedule your Pennsylvania home inspection and any or all of the following inspections:

  • Termite / Wood Destroying Insects
  • Radon
  • Lead Paint
  • Mold / Air Quality*

Make just one call… receive just one bill… write just one check.

* Mold / Air Quality testing is available upon request.  In general, we believe that money is better spent on clean-up and on reducing moisture in the home, rather than on testing.

Home Inspection Agreement

Take time to review Helpful Home Inspector’s Inspection Agreement (PA) and the ASHI Standard of Practice for Home Inspections prior to your Pennsylvania home inspection to help you understand the scope of the inspection as well as the limitations and exclusions.

Click here to find a Pennsylvania home inspector outside the five-county Philadelphia area or to learn more about the law governing PA home inspections.

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